Start a Consultation

Schedule an appointment or just drop in and begin a consultation regarding your design.  Whether you are starting from scratch or if you have pieces that you want to redesign or use to create something new, we are here to help.  We will listen to your ideas and discuss the options around your request.

CAD Design

We begin the design by using the latest program available on the market to do our CAD design.  All design work is done in house.  Before work begins, you will get the opportunity to view your design.

Your Custom Piece is Made

Relax.  We got this covered.  We will get the work started on your design and see it through from beginning to end.  Once completed, we will review and make sure it passes all quality checks before reaching out.

Grand Finale

Once completed, we will give you a call so that you can come visit, view your design in person, and take it home ready to wear and show off to all your friends and family.